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Air Bags Work – They Save Lives

Air bags saved an estimated 1,043 lives in 1998 alone. However, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that tragically 96 children have been killed or injured by the force of a deploying air bag. In many cases, the children were riding in the front seat either in a rear-facing child safety seat or “out […]

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Texting while driving

I was recently on the Huffington Post reading an article about how parents play such an important role in keeping their teens safe on the road and noticed that distracted driving is unfortunately too commonplace in this era of cell phones. While our laws try to protect us from ourselves, it is apparently still not […]

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Distracted Driving

Studies Show Distracted Drivers Are A Leading Cause of Motor Vehicle Accidents, and while we all need to be more careful when behind the wheel of a car, should you get into an auto accident, we are here to help should you get into a car accident. Whenever you’re driving a vehicle and your attention […]

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Car Care 101 For College Students

(NewsUSA) – While some students are dropped off at college by their parents, many more keep vehicles on or near campus. Regular maintenance and service performed back in the hometown or at a reputable repair facility near campus will keep those wheels dependable. For some collegians, a vehicle is basically a way back home between […]

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Here’s how to keep the shine on your car’s paint

Many of us become dissatisfied with our rides long before they have lived out their useful lives. They may still perform well, get great gas mileage, maintain a smooth steady ride and exhibit near-perfect reliability but we just aren’t happy with them anymore. More often than not, it’s because of their appearance and more specifically […]

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